Vet Techs: Superheroes of the Veterinary World

In today’s highly specialized work force, you seldom find people who can do it all—but our veterinary technicians can. Driven by their love for animals, they step in to help with every aspect of veterinary practice. Read on to learn about the amazing role our Acorn Animal Hospital vet techs play. Vet tech superpowers: Activate!

Superpower #1: Able to leap tall exam tables in a single bound 

Vet techs are committed to being there for your pet, and are always on the spot when an emergency arises. They comfort a cat at the front desk, hug a dog in the boarding kennel, and place an IV in a sick pet—all in the blink of an eye. They keep their fingers on the hospital’s pulse, and are multi-tasking masters. These caring individuals come in early and stay late on weekends and holidays to help your pet. We know they are highly skilled, efficient, and dedicated, but sometimes we still marvel—how are they able to be everywhere at once? Vet tech superpowers.

Superpower #2: Talking with animals

Well, maybe they can’t literally talk with animals, but vet techs have outstanding abilities to connect, empathize, and communicate with pets. When they look into a pet’s eyes, they know. They sit on the floor beside a fearful pet, offering treats. They approach your pet gently, using their education about animal behavior and function. They quickly assess what may be happening with your pet, preparing the veterinary team to correctly and efficiently treat the problem. They seem to love being covered in pet hair. Our vet techs and your pet speak the same language.

Superpower #3: Running the “vetcave” headquarters

A lot of technical work goes into your pet’s diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. Our vet techs work behind the scenes on the anesthesia equipment, blood analysis machines, digital X-rays, and more. We rely on our techs to keep our facility running. They know our equipment inside and out, and are always eager to learn more, since technology is constantly changing. Vet techs have earned associate or bachelor degrees in veterinary technology and passed a credentialing exam, and they keep abreast of the latest in pet care through yearly continuing education. Holy technology gurus!

Superpower #4: With great ability comes great versatility

Vet techs’ skills stretch like a web covering all areas of animal healththey are trained to care for many species in many environments. Vet techs can be found prepping a pet for emergency surgery, or playing on the floor with a puppy on a house call. Most vet techs work in private veterinary practice, helping animals from dogs to cows to exotics, but many have careers in other fields such as research, teaching, or military service. Some work in zoos or with wildlife, while others work in industry, developing pet foods, providing laboratory support, or producing medications. Vet techs also save animal lives through rewarding work in shelter medicine and animal rescue. Anywhere that animals need care, versatile vet techs will be there.

Superpower #5: “Veterinary team: Assemble!”

Veterinary technicians connect each part of the health care team. They greet you when you arrive and explain things when you leaveand handle everything in between. They record the history in the medical record, making sure the veterinarian knows why your pet needs care. They help examine your pet, and notice the smallest details. They ensure each team member clearly understands the treatment plan. They supervise and train coworkers as they obtain specimens and run lab tests. They administer medications, keep detailed records, assist in surgery, take X-rays, and perform dental care. They are the eyes and ears of the veterinarian for hospitalized patients as they provide intensive care. They call, text, and email the pet family throughout the process. Vet techs bring us together as a team.

Vet techs don’t have to hide their superpowers from the world, but they are often the unsung heroes of animal health. Acorn Animal Hospital wants to thank our vet techs for all they do for us and our pet patients. Call or text for an appointment, so you can see our amazing vet techs in action. It’s an animal lover … It’s an amazing person … It’s our veterinary technician!