Paw-Holding Heroes: Meet Our Veterinary Technicians

You rush into our hospital with your injured pet, frantically searching for help. One of our veterinary technicians leaps into action, ushering you into an exam room to assess your beloved companion’s condition. By checking your pet’s vital signs and getting a history of what happened—an unfortunate dog-walking incident with a loose dog—our vet tech ensures your pet is stable. 

Our veterinarian and veterinary technician duo form a treatment plan to clip and clean your dog’s injuries caused by the loose dog. Our skilled vet tech will:

  • Oversee your pet’s anesthesia and pain management during the procedure
  • Monitor your pet’s vital signs
  • Ensure your pet is clean and comfortable
  • Administer antibiotics and pain medication
  • Inform you of your pet’s status
  • Update our veterinarian on your pet’s condition

While in our hospital, your pet will never be alone. Your pet’s vet tech stays with her from admittance to discharge, holding her paw the entire way. 

Our incredible vet techs

Although all our team members consider your pet as part of our family, our vet techs often form some of the closest bonds. Since your pet can’t tell you about the relationship she’s built with her vet tech, we’ll help fill in the gaps. Read our vet techs’ bios to learn what makes them so incredible:

  • Stefanie K. has been with Acorn Animal Hospital for 10 years, starting as a client care representative before training as a vet tech. Although many people believe we spend most of our time caring for animals, veterinary medicine is often about the pet owners. Keeping this in mind, Stefanie’s psychology degree from UMD has served her well. She is a valuable team member and an excellent communicator who understands the needs of pets and their families. Although Stefanie prefers camping over glamping, she’s likely to freak out if a bat shares her campsite, as bats are one of her biggest fears.

  • Meaghan P. is a more recent addition to our veterinary team, having joined Acorn in November 2018. Following her deep love for animals, Meaghan became a vet tech and enjoys making her patients feel better. In her free time, she uses the skills gained from her art degree to write, paint, and draw. Although “It” is a popular movie, you won’t catch Meaghan watching this horror flick—her biggest fears are clowns and balloons.

  • Kelsie S. joined our team only last month, but she’s already a wonderful asset to our hospital and our patients. After shadowing in a veterinary clinic in high school, she fell in love with the vet tech career path and obtained her bachelor of science degree in agriculture, with an emphasis on veterinary technology. An animal lover from an early age, Kelsie has been a vegetarian since age 9. She prefers not to get too close to nature by choosing glamping over camping, which helps her avoid her biggest fear—spiders.

  • Christina M., a Rhode Island native, joined our hospital in September 2015. Although she received her bachelor’s degree in music, she found a way to fulfill her dream of working with animals after becoming part of Acorn. Her favorite aspects of the job are seeing her sick patients heal with her nursing care. Of course, puppies and kittens make every day great, too. In addition to puppies and kittens, Christina enjoys a good book, Netflix, and her snuggly, opinionated furry friend, Spencer.

  • Lynn D. joined Acorn in January 2001, so has been part of our team for almost 20 years. Lynn and Dr. Bugbee, our veterinarian, make an unstoppable pet-care duo. Although Lynn prefers dogs over cats, she herself is most like a cat. She enjoys spending time in the great outdoors riding horses or hiking with her husband, but, during their adventures, hopes to never come across her biggest fear—snakes.

  • Colleen, CVT, CCRP, has called Acorn home for almost as long as Lynn—she joined our team as a vet tech in April 2002. Colleen started working as a vet tech at age 18, and stuck to that career path rather than pursuing her original plan of obtaining a veterinary medicine degree. She and Kelsie have bonded over their mutual fear of spiders, although Colleen prefers to rough it in tents over glamping. Colleen loves movie nights with her two kids, who are also animal lovers. Hopefully, the next movie night involves Star Wars or ’80s movies, her favorites.

  • Christina, CVT, joined Acorn 13 years ago in 2006. An incident with a dog hit by a car determined her career path by pointing her toward caring for pets. Her favorite part of her job is hugging Labradors. Who doesn’t love these happy pups? Keep your pet on flea prevention if she wants a hug from Christina, however, because fleas are one of her biggest fears, and the mere sight of a flea makes her feel itchy all day. In her free time, Christina embraces her crafty side by making wood signs, preferring this creative outlet to reading or running.

Our veterinary technicians are the backbone of our patient-care team. Come experience that special care by scheduling an appointment, and remember to thank them for all they do for your pet.