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Santa Claws is Coming to Town: How to Keep your Pet Safe this Christmas

Christmas is coming—evidenced by the overnight transformation of the seasonal store displays from everything Halloween to everything Christmas, an explosion of Hallmark Christmas movies on TV, and round-the-clock Christmas music on the radio. Love them or hate them, most people know many Christmas songs, so why not use those songs to remind yourself how to [...]

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Keeping Your Pets Safe and Healthy This Thanksgiving

Food, feasting and family—we wait all year for these happy occasions. However, they are not always so happy for our pets. Pets who overeat or get into the trash are at risk for bloat, pancreatitis, toxin ingestion, and gastrointestinal obstructions, and travel and stranger-danger also are concerns. Follow Acorn Animal Hospital’s tips to keep your [...]

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Identifying Your Pet’s Lumps and Bumps: Warning Signs of Cancer

“Oh no! What’s that?” you think to yourself, as you feel a small lump under your pooch’s silky fur. “This definitely wasn’t there during bathtime last week.” In a panic, you call Acorn Animal Hospital, to schedule an appointment for your pup’s mystery lump.  Have you been in this situation? Pets develop small lumps and [...]

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A Tick-Borne Tale: One Dog’s Brush with Lyme Disease

Ticks are nasty parasites known for transmitting a variety of debilitating illnesses to pets and people. One of the most common tick-borne illnesses is Lyme disease, which can create lifelong issues in dogs and people without proper prevention. Read on to discover how one dog’s brush with ticks could have been much worse.  Tucker’s tale [...]

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How to Avoid Common Pet Emergencies During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Although you’re spending more time at home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine, you’re likely still busy, whether working remotely and participating in conference calls, struggling with teaching your children math and science, or trying to finally complete that home improvement project. Your pet is no doubt overjoyed that her family [...]

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