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Hidden Dangers: A Closer Look at Intestinal Parasites in Your Pet

Puppy kisses and kitten cuddles are one of the many joys of pet ownership, but getting up close and personal can impart more than fur and slobber. Puppies and kittens often carry intestinal parasites, either transmitted by their mothers, or picked up in the environment. Older pets are also susceptible to these nasty worms, especially [...]

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Protect Your Pets on the Fourth of July

America loves to celebrate its birthday with pizzazz, and we all look forward to fireworks, cookouts, pool parties, sparklers, and merriment. While this sounds wonderful to most people, July Fourth can be one of the scariest and most dangerous days of the year for pets. Whether you’re hosting a party or attending festivities, take the [...]

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Spring and Summer Allergies in Pets

The family wants to be outdoors during spring and summer, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. But, unfortunately, allergens also abound in this ideal environment. Trees, grasses, weeds, and insects can all trigger allergic responses in both you and your pet, limiting your outdoor fun. How can your pet enjoy the spring season without needing [...]

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8 Steps of a Veterinary Dental Cleaning

Even if you faithfully brush your pet’s teeth, we cannot overemphasize the importance of regular dental cleanings. Dental disease—the most common clinical condition to affect pet dogs and cats—can be devastating to your pet’s health. The good news is that dental disease is completely preventable with routine oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings. When your [...]

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When to Worry About Your Dog’s Anxiety  

Just like their human owners, dogs have a variety of personalities. Some are gregarious and will happily greet everyone they meet, while others may hide behind their owners when strangers approach. Some are laid back and mellow, others are more high-strung. While it’s normal for pets to express their natural personalities, excessive negative emotions can [...]

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